August 5, 2011: The Grices Return

Medifast Status: Day 95, Down ~43lbs

I had to be up and in to the office early this morning as today is the non-farm payroll announcement from the federal government and I am the primary coverage for it.

Overall work was pretty slow today.  I moved my MediFast appointment up as early as I could get it and so left work at one and went to my meeting. It went quite well and they were very excited that I posted a five and a half pound loss over last week!  They said that I was their prodigy customer and that almost no one is able to lose at this rate this far into the program.  Normally progress has slowed to just two to three pounds per week.  So I am feeling good about my progress.  I can tell that my clothes are getting looser and looser every day.  I am really starting to see a difference when I look at myself in the mirror.

From the MediFast meeting I left and came home to work from there. On my way home, though, I swung into the Ingram Micro warehouse up on Frankford and picked up my brand new HP Compaq 24″ LCD monitor that I had waiting for me at will call.  I love that I am able to order stuff in the morning and pick it up on the way home.  That is the handiest thing ever.  I’m going to start buying everything this way.

I arrived before the Grices did and was able to help Dominica with a little more cleaning.  Most of the cleaning that needed to be done was the clean up from all of the painting that has been going on.  I got my new monitor hooked up as well.  It is awesome.  It is a bit larger than my old monitors which were still pretty large, and I made sure that this new one matched or exceeded the resolution of the older monitors so it is a step up in that regard too.  I have a bit more screen real estate now which makes it easier to work.  I got this one to replace the older Samsung 20.1″ LCD 1600×1200 that has been dying on me for about a year.  It has been taking longer and longer to turn on.  Originally it was just a minute or so but recently it has been taking one to two hours before it would turn on and even then only dimly.  To get to full brightness might take it four hours or more!  It was making it impossible to work.

Sooner or later I will replace this other Samsung with a new HP too so that I have two matching monitors.  That will be nice.  I just don’t want to spend the money right now since the other monitor works just fine.

The Grices arrived  mid afternoon.  Boy is it hot in this house and just getting warmer and warmer with so many people here.

Work wrapped up on the early side, for a Friday, and after work was done we ran out to go to La Cima with everyone for dinner.  That might not have been the best idea.  The plan was that this was Francesca’s first day on WonderSlim (basically a modified MediFast) so we thought that this would be an easy was to get a good, healthy meal to get her kick started.  Really it was more of a circus than anything.  The kids were all over the place and really loud.  Everyone was tired too which made it rough.  Having a party of nine is hard no matter what.  Just to talk to people across the table is nearly impossible.  It was a rough night.

We got home but I went to bed very early, around ten.  Everyone else was still awake when I turned in.  I just needed some sleep after such a long week.  I am scheduled to work some tomorrow too, about three hours in the middle of the day to support a server move when no one else is available.

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