September 10, 2011: Emily’s Party

Medifast Status: Day 131, Down ~57lbs

We are down in Houston today.  We came down this weekend to celebrate Emily’s birthday.  The weather is turning hot again.  Hopefully this will not last for very long.  The next few days are supposed to be pretty rough but after that the rain should be coming.  What a relief that will be.  The drought has gone on for months now.  I have never lived in a place so parched.  I don’t think that many of the local Texans have ever seen it like this either.  Many new records set this year.

Pretty much from the time that we got up this morning we only had enough time for Dominica and Francesca to go out shopping and then it was time to get ready for the party at Joe and Britt’s house.

We went over to Joe and Britt’s around noon.  The party officially got rolling around two.  It wasn’t a huge party.  About six or seven girls came over to swim and then to spend the night at a slumber party.

I hung out for the afternoon and went swimming and hung out in the hot tub at night.  Most everyone stayed at Joe and Britt’s house today.  I took Liesl back over to the Grices’ and we took care of Oreo and slept there for the night.  Liesl would not have gotten any sleep had she been allowed to be where all of the older girls were and Oreo would not appreciate a night alone.

I read pretty much all of the book Discover Italy today.  At this point I have a pretty good grasp on the tourist information for Italy.  In some ways it seems like there must just be so much to know but, in reality, we are talking about a country about the size of New Mexico.  There can only be so much in a space so small.  I have a good idea of the regions, food, cities, things to see and more.  I am ready to be over there.

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