September 11, 2011: A Decade Later

Medifast Status: Day 132, Down ~57lbs

It is hard to believe that today is ten years since the attacks on the World Trade Center towers in Manhattan and the Pentagon in Washington.  In some ways it does feel like a lifetime ago but in others the events are things that have been spoken of and shoved in our faces every moment of the past decade so it often feels much more recent than it was.  Life in American, as it is in Afghanistan, is a daily reminder of that day.  A decade later we have no more answers and no idea what really happened.  What we know is that a much larger percentage of the world lives in constant fear that we did ten years ago.  Sadly, as Americans, we don’t live in fear of terrorists but of ourselves.

Liesl got me up early this morning and we came out to find that Bennie had come home to escape the mayhem early on.  So we sat in the living room and watched a cable 9/11 memorial film that went on for an hour or two.  It had a ton of HD footage of that morning that I had never seen before.  Today it is hard to remember just how rare HD was back then.  I was an early adopter of high definition and, at the time, I know that it was my old 32″ Sony Trinitron CRT that we had watched the attack on back when Andy, Nate, Bob and I lived on Sanctuary Drive in Ithaca.  That so many people were running around Manhattan with HD camcorders that day seems pretty unbelievable.

It was strange seeing so much of the footage today.  Having really not seen it in a decade it really brings it all back.

A little later on we went back over to Joe and Britt’s and hung out for a few hours until all of the kids had returned home.  Then we went back, packed, ate lunch and were on the road back to Dallas around three in the afternoon.

The drive went fine.  The girls were pretty worn out from the weekend and were able to sleep for much of the drive.  Dominica and I have been listening to “At Home”, Bill Bryson’s history of private life which has been really entertaining.  We listened to some on the drive south and some more today on the drive back north.

It was decently late when we arrived back in Carrollton and we were all pretty tired.

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