September 14, 2011: Weather Beginning to Improve

Medifast Status: Day 135, Down ~57lbs

Dominica is still getting up every other morning and going out running.  I never expected that she would be doing it for this long.  She is doing really well with it and is hoping to be running a 5K race down in Galveston at the end of next month.  She and Francesca are signing up for the run.

The weather was awesome here in Dallas this morning.  We got some rain during the night.  Nothing much, but enough that the ground was damp and that is desperately what we need.  The plants are all dying – there is just nothing that we can do for them.  The temperature was down this morning too.  Going outside was wonderful.  Of course, by this afternoon, it was super hot again.  But today is the last day.

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