September 13, 2011: Medifast Stands Us Up

Medifast Status: Day 134, Down ~57lbs

The Weather Channel did their countdown of the five cities (in the US, I presume) that got the very worst weather this summer.  I was pretty impressed with Binghamton coming in at number two and Witchita Falls (DFW) coming it at number one.  Flooding and drought, hard to beat those.

Today was no slouch on the weather front here in Dallas either.  We hit 107 today and when I went outside at lunch time boy did I feel it.  After a week or two in the low hundreds hitting 107 out of no where has an impact.  But nothing that we can’t handle.  We just had to turn our second air conditioning unit back on again for the day.  Tomorrow is supposed to be similar.

I was pretty tired this morning and slept in a little.  Not a lot, but I didn’t get up until after six.  Then it was in to the office.

I called Medifast this morning to confirm that we had a dinner meeting at La Cima tonight.  I have been trying to get them to confirm that they are going to show up for the dinner meeting tonight.  I asked two weeks ago and got the brush off.  I asked a week ago and got the brush off.  I asked this morning so that Dominica and I could verify our meals for the day and was told “I’m sure that everything is fine, if you don’t hear from us then everything is good for tonight.”  Right, like I’m going to believe that.  I know what being ignored sounds like.

I went home for lunch but we didn’t eat since Medifast told us that they were meeting us for dinner.  We had wanted to go to the club for lunch today because it looked good but had to save our meal to eat with them since we are having a dinner meeting.  I trust that our diet trainers understand the importance of being able to schedule meals for people on Medifast – especially when there are four people who are dependent on that schedule not to mention the people at La Cima that they were going to meet.

I had to work from home this afternoon because Oreo had a doctor’s appointment.  So I had come home quite late, a quarter till two, and watched the girls while Dominica took him in.  He had a long session today and got acupuncture which is seems to really enjoy.

I called Medifast since I heard nothing today.  I know better than to trust that when people just give you the “yeah, yeah, we’ll be there” that no one is actually planning on being there.  So at three this afternoon I finally reached the manager who admitted that they were not going to be going to the meeting that I had set up on their behalf.  They weren’t going to tell me this, of course,  they had been planning on just not showing up.  Even though I checked and double checked and triple checked they had no intention of going to the meeting.  Even though I had done all of the legwork on their behalf.  Even though I followed up.  Even though I had them set the schedule.  Even though I am one of their clients.  Even though I have brought them other clients.


Is it the end of the world?  Hardly.  But annoying and unprofessional?  Heck yeah.  Who does this?  I was polite enough to immediately contact the person that they were standing up and let them know that they had been planning to stand them up.  I’m pretty pissed that I am stuck dealing with these Medifast people for the next year.  I wish that I was out of my contract.  They definitely do not respect me and I really don’t want to spend time there.  I’m certainly not recommending them to anyone else.

After work I had a call about a newsletter today and after that Dominica, the girls and I went to La Cima for dinner anyway since we needed to be able to eat even if our meeting was canceled.  We went to dinner around seven thirty, came home and went straight off to bed.  We were all pretty tired today.

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