September 16, 2011: High Weigh In

Medifast Status: Day 137, Down ~57lbs

I was in to the office around seven this morning.  I was supposed to have a call this morning but my phone was dead so it is for this evening now.

The morning was a little busy so I did not manage to go to Medifast early like I like to so that I can get my weigh-in out of the way before lunch.

For lunch, Dominica did not want to come down to Irving and I did not have enough time to go home and come back.  So Nicki and I went to La Cima and did a quick lunch off of the buffet and then I ran directly over to Medifast.  That combination of things caused today to be my first time weighing in heavier than I was a week ago.  Now last week was a major drop for me and today I weighed in completely “wrong” so I am not concerned but it is depressing to have a week where you lose ground rather than having that progress to encourage me to continue.

Work went really late tonight.  It was after seven, I believe, when I headed home.  I tried to have my call then but no one showed up.  Interesting.  I wonder what is up.

Did nothing this evening, just watched Star Trek: Voyager with the family.  We are really into this series now.  It is great.  Pretty silly at times, but so was TNG.  Voyager is surprisingly reminiscent of TNG, though, which I was not expecting.  It really kept the spirit of that series while folding in the story line of Battlestar Galactica.

I am home all weekend but I am the on call this weekend so I will be tied to the house and likely doing quite a bit of work.

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