September 17, 2011: Starting Walking

Medifast Status: Day 138, Down ~57lbs

It just struck me that 2011 is nearly over.  This year and flown by like nobody’s business.  Between buying a new house just before the new year began and having our second child it has just been a whirlwind.

Today is a stay at home day.  I got up and hung out with the girls for a little bit but had to be online nearly the entire day with the office.

When we had time I would come into the play room and watch some Voyager with the family but mostly I had to work.  It was a very long day.

This evening, around eleven, I took some time to go out and get some exercise.  I went for a walk of around two miles, a very light walk.  I did a little jogging, just a little bit, two sets of three minutes.  It puts me not too far behind Dominica and Francesca if I can keep it up.  My schedule makes that very challenging, though.

On my walk I finished reading David McCullough’s “The Greater Journey” the history of Americans in Paris during the nineteenth century.  Don’t let the topic mislead you – it was very interesting.  I then started reading Paul Herrmann’s 1958 “The Great Age of Discovery“.  I hope to be doing a lot more walking now that the weather is nice.  What a different place Texas is this week compared to last.

I came home and it was time for bed.

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