September 26, 2011: First Day Off Jogging

Medifast Status: Day 147, Down ~60.5lbs

Temperatures were back up into the nineties today.  Nothing like we had during the summer but warmer than it normally should be at this time of year.

I got into work this morning and things were very slow.  I got caught up and then John and I went over to La Cima to get coffee and he breakfast.  No breakfast foods for me for a very long time yet.  I sure hope that this part of my diet is long over by the time that we go to Europe in the spring or I am going to be horribly disappointed.

Dominica and the girls ended up meeting me for lunch too so it was a double day at La Cima.  Lunch was good and we were able to eat pretty leisurely.  It was a nice, relaxing morning.

The afternoon was a bit busier at work, but things wrapped up promptly and I was able to go home at a good time.  The evening was very hectic, as it often does.  Between attempting to eat, trying to watch something, take care of Oreo, entertain the children, etc. it gets really crazy really quickly.  It’s amazing how little we are able to just sit and relax.  Every few minutes one or both of us is forced to get up and do something.  Watching a single show can end up taking several hours.  It can be quite frustrating because the time to relax is so stressful rather than relaxing.  There is no end to “accidents” that need to be cleaned up as well.

I decided, after much cajoling from Dominica, that I would take tonight off from running to let my body catch up.  The program is supposed to be one day on, one day off for three cycles then an extra day off per week.  So I’m doing a much more strenuous program.

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