September 25, 2011: Jogging Day 3

Medifast Status: Day 146, Down ~60.5lbs

The weather was decent enough this morning that Dominica and I decided to get up and sit outside for the entire morning.  We just made coffee and camped out on the patio.  Liesl watched cartoons and would periodically stop out to see what we were doing and would then return to the house.

We spent much of the morning talking plans for our trip to Europe as we like to do while sitting out on the patio.  The patio has become the de facto “discuss our vacation” place.  One cup of coffee after another and one European tour book after another.

After much discussion we are currently leaning away from touring southern Italy while we are over there.  The distance to cover with the children being so young is too much and we are pretty sure that we will be living in Italy in the not too distant future and that will make weekend excursions into southern Italy trivial so doing it now would be a waste of our resources.  So our plan is to go no farther south than lower Tuscany – unless we end up flying from Rome then we will see Lazio and probably Abruzzo as well.

The more that we look the more that it would appear that our long term plan is to look for a home in Piedmont – the northwestern province of Italy bordering France and Switzerland.  The area to the south east of Turin looks to be especially inviting with rolling hills that are reminiscent of Tuscany but far easier access into Europe.  Just two hours from Switzerland and an hour and a half from the Riviera and three hours from Tuscany it is quite the spot.  It looks like it will be the perfect blend for us and the prices look pretty decent for the areas in which we are the most interested.  So our current plan is to make sure that we spend several days in that area.

It is really, really hard trying to plan a trip of this magnitude with so much to see and do and so many potential variables.

I spent the afternoon and evening working on homework.  The work isn’t so hard but there is just a lot of it to be done.

While I was in my office tonight, Liesl ran in to get me and told me that Luciana was having trouble and needed me to come right away.  So I ran with Liesl from the office to my bedroom where Dominica was rocking Luciana in the dark.  I was all like “What is wrong?” and Dominica is like… “I told Liesl that Luciana was having trouble falling asleep.”  Liesl replied “Oh no, Luciana is having trouble! I will go get daddy!”  And that is how that happened.

After my homework was all turned in I went out for my run.  This is my third night in a row that I have managed to go out jogging.  I felt pretty decent tonight.  I’m getting stronger and catching up with Dominica really quickly.

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