September 3, 2011: Hot Day at the Zoo

Medifast Status: Day 124, Down ~52lbs

We were a bit late this morning when we got down to Las Colinas to pick up Brian and Katie.  They were up long before us and went trail biking before we got there.  We picked them up around ten thirty and then drove out to Fort Worth to go to the zoo for the day.

The heat has not yet broken – we are expecting that to happen tomorrow – so today is about one hundred and three degrees in unfiltered sunlight at the zoo.  A cooler day than we have been getting for the last two months but still very hot and the humidity was noticeably higher today which made it feel quite a bit warmer than it has been.

We had a nice day at the zoo and Liesl definitely had a lot of fun.  It has been a while since we have made it to the zoo because of the intense summer heat so it was nice to get back.  We spent a few hours there.

Liesl was really happy to see the animals again.  She is very into the zoo and she loves playing with all of her plastic animals at home.  They are her big toys.  She has all kinds of adventures with her animals.  She organizes them into families and categorizes them by size.  They have long conversations.  They go swimming in her water table.  She loves playing with her plastic animals.

Liesl’s plastic penguins were destroyed by the Grice’s dog Liza some months ago since the last time that we were at the zoo.  Her penguins were always her favourite within her plastic animal army.  She has been very sad about them.  One lost a leg, one lost its face and so forth.  She would tell us how they had boo-boos.  So today Dominica managed to replace the injured penguins with new ones from the zoo.  We also got a penguin poster for Liesl which is a picture of one of the actual penguins that she goes to see at the Fort Worth Zoo.

On the way back we all went to Rockfish for lunch.  It has been a while since we have been there.  Brian is on Medifast now too so it was three of us on that and Katie is the only one not doing it.  It is easier for Brian to go out to eat with us since we have a good idea at this point of how to eat out on the plan.  We have it down to a science, more or less.

After lunch we took them back to Las Colinas and then went to Barnes and Noble to check out the travel book selection.  I was tempted to buy some books there but Dominica convinced me to go out to the car, get my iPhone and do a price comparison on Amazon.  Boy am I glad that we did.  It turns out that the price difference was about 35% more at Barnes and Noble.  Not only was the price much higher but B&N was selling older editions of the books at full price while Amazon was selling the current versions at deep discounts!  Talk about getting ripped off.  I really need to drill it into my head that I should never, ever, ever shop at Barnes and Noble.  What makes me think that I should give them another try from time to time is beyond me.  I’d really be foolish to try shopping there again.

We went home after the book store and spent the evening relaxing.  Our plan is to actually get some time to just be a family this weekend.  I don’t have anything needing me at the office and nothing really pressing at home so this is a really good opportunity for a nice, long weekend of doing nothing.

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