September 2, 2011: Katie Returns to Dallas

Medifast Status: Day 123, Down ~51.5lbs

Today is the monthly non-farm payroll announcement so it was important that I be in to the office nice and early.  Not a big deal since I am always in early these days but normally I am rather casual about it and today I needed to make sure that I was quite on top of it.

After the morning calls were done the day was not too busy for the most part.  I was able to go home for lunch and hang out with the girls.

This evening was decently busy.  Lots of deployments.  After work we were scheduled to meet up with Brian and Katie at La Cima for dinner.  There was some miscommunications between Dominica and I so I ended up going to La Cima on my own and she met me there a few minutes later.  We did actually manage not to be late overall, though.

We sat at the same table that Brian and Katie first met at several months ago, February, I think.  Dinner was very nice.  It was all quite excellent.

After dinner we had coffee and then went back home.  A fairly relaxing evening.  Tomorrow we are meeting Brian and Katie early in the morning to go to the Fort Worth Zoo shortly after it opens before the day gets really hot.  The temperatures are expected to finally break on Sunday and by Monday it is supposed to be really awesome in the Dallas area.

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