September 6, 2011: On Furlough

Medifast Status: Day 127, Down ~53lbs

I was pretty tired this morning when I got up at five after having gone to bed at one.  I talked to Andy for an hour longer on the phone last night than I got to sleep!  Oops.

I got into the office at a good time, though, even being so tired.  As I walked into the office I ran into my boss’ boss’ boss’ boss who had just arrived from London so we walked into the office together.  Always a bit of a surprise at six thirty in the morning.

For lunch today I had a meeting with my regional manager from my consulting pass-through organization so we went to La Cima to have our meeting there which worked out well.  It was good timing, since today I am officially on furlough, to have a lunch provided for me.

I did not get to leave work early today like I had hoped.  That is the danger of coming in really early.  Sometimes you get stuck working late too and then your day is really long.  So today I put in nearly twelve hours without even, really, a lunch break since I technically had to work through lunch.

I got home and got about an hour with the girls before it became a working evening.  Had two phone calls that lasted about three hours or so in total.  Luciana was in bed before the end of the first one and Liesl was in bed by the end of the second.  Dominica was heading to bed by the time that I was off of the phone.  Mostly I was doing Asterisk troubleshooting tonight.  Always exciting.

I was off to bed at a very decent hour.  Probably around ten thirty.  I need to catch up on some lost sleep from last night.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with Roni from high school.  We haven’t seen each other in seventeen years!  Now that is hard to believe.  Boy that makes one feel old, doesn’t it?

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