September 7, 2011: Reconnecting in Dallas

Medifast Status: Day 128, Down ~54lbs

Today was a major breakthrough day on my diet.  I broke another numeric barrier and I can see that my weight loss is starting to speed back up a little bit.  Losing two pounds per week is encouraging, for the most part.  Losing one pound per week is not nearly so much.  As of today I do believe that I am about the same weight that I was when I was twenty.  Now that is an accomplishment.

I am fighting my way back to my high school weight.  I put on a large chunk of my weight between the end of my senior year at York in 1994 and when I left GMI in Michigan in 1996.  So today is  a very exciting day for me.  I can really see the progress on the scales now.  This will really encourage me to fight on to lose the next bit of weight.  I have 43.5 pounds more to lose to be at my senior year graduation weight – which was the same as my sophomore year weight.  In between the two I had lost thirty pounds during the height of the competitive swim seasons.  So I will be only to my peak high school weight.  But that is good enough for me to call the exercise a “win”.

At lunch I went to La Cima and met Roni who graduated from York with me in 1994.  It is unbelievable that we have not seen each other in seventeen years.  That is basically half of our lifetimes.

It was very strange seeing Roni again, to be sure.  We had a really good time reminiscing at the club.  We sat in the lounge and spent nearly three hours talking about high school and where people are now and what we have been doing for the last half of our lives.  Roni went to SUNY Geneseo at the same time that Dominica did but neither of them is aware of having ever met the other.  Roni was a history student and Dominica was a biology student and they were two years apart so there was every possibility that they would never have crossed paths.  She then moved to Siena, Italy straight out of college and has been there ever since – just moving to Dallas last week!

We had a really good time.  She had lots of questions about the DFW.  I had lots of questions about Tuscany.  The timing could not be better for either of us.  It is great having her here.  I am pretty confident that we will be seeing a lot of her now that we are living so close to each other.  She pretty much knows no one here and we reasonably only know a handful of people outside of work.

Roni was really encouraging about our prospects for the citizenship jure sanguinis and had good advice for us.  She is full of good Tuscany advice in general too.

I am back at RIT for the fall semester as of yesterday as well.  I am taking International Project Management this semester as part of my MSc of IT degree.  I am excited to be back.  I am really looking for both to this class in particular and to regaining forward momentum on my Master’s degree.  I generally enjoy my classes and I am looking forward to the next stage of my academic career after my MSc which, most likely, will be an MBA.

Dominica and I put in a bit of time, especially Dominica, working on the paperwork for the Italian consulate tonight.  We have the initial round of paperwork sent off and we have tons and tons of research under our belts already.

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