October 11, 2011: Major Changes at the Club

Medifast Status: Day 162, Down ~63lbs

After work today I had the Young Executives meeting at La Cima.  This was a rather surprising meeting for me as we were run by different people than normally run the ground and it turns out that several people who have been key to the running of the club are no longer with the company so that club is in rather a bit of turmoil with very little focus and direction, it would seem.

So that is a bit of a shock.  The meeting tonight was very small.  Already the Young Executives group is dwindling from a lack of attendance.  Getting people out regularly is very hard and almost no one has been attending our Cocktails & Connections event that we have been putting on for the last few weeks.  Already after just two weeks we are moving the C&C event to monthly instead of weekly – giving no one time to get used to the whole thing before it changes.  This is exactly what happened with the Young Executives group when I first joined.  Everything is disjointed and unplanned and just when you start to get into a pattern it gets cancelled or changed so no one can every remember that something is going on.

So after the meeting I headed home.  We are going for dinner tomorrow night rather than tonight.

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