October 12, 2011: Last Cocktails

Medifast Status: Day 163, Down ~63lbs

Oreo had a vet appointment this afternoon.  Overall he is doing pretty well although his skin condition appears to still be getting a little worse.  We were really hoping that he would have been able to have pulled out of that spiral by this point.  So I was home in the afternoon watching the girls.

After work I had Cocktails & Connections at La Cima which, like it was last week, ended up being just two people.  Just Jen and I sitting with the La Cima managers.  Not one other person showed up.  Considering that we have something like eight or ten people who are supposed to be hosting this event with the hopes of another eight to ten showing up and all we get are two hosts it is not going well.  The inconsistency certainly is going to kill it as after tonight we don’t do it again for a month and there is some dispute over when exactly that will be.  As the only person who has made every single C&C event since we set it up and I normally am just there with one other person I feel that I’ve put in more than enough effort and don’t plan to try to help out with it after tonight.  There is just no commitment from the Young Executives or from the club itself.  This is a waste of my time.

It is especially annoying that I keep putting in the time to attend Cocktails & Connections and I’m the one person whose diet does not let him eat the food or have the cocktails.  I can’t drink on Medifast and the food that they make for this is always meat and always breaded.  So there is no hope for me at all.  I’m quite literally stuck just drinking water and eating cheese for two hours each week.  A little bit boring as there is hardly anyone to even talk to and at the rate that we are going I’m sure that in the future that there will be no one at all to whom to speak while drinking my water.

After the C&C we had dinner since it is pasta night.  Dinner was good.  We used our meals for the month since we knew that this month is going to be crazy for trying to get into the club.  Next week is SpiceCorps and SpiceWorks.  We are already down to just five days until Andy comes in from London to visit and from the moment that he arrives and for three weeks we are completely booked at every moment.  This is going to be one exhausting month.

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