October 13, 2011: The Beginning of the Cleaning

Medifast Status: Day 164, Down ~63lbs

Extremely quiet day for us.  Nothing on the calendar.  Work, homework.  Time with the family.  Now that we have a little bit of free time – a very little bit – the cleaning has begun.  We only have until Monday afternoon when Andy arrives to get the house cleaned and that includes turning Luciana’s bedroom from a storage facility into a guest bedroom which is no small amount of work.  We have so much stored in there.

We have been rearranging stuff in the office as much as possible to get ready.  We are hoping that the Ralstons will be able to take the five foot desk that has been in my office back to New York and use it there.  That will clear out some space for us.  And the nice printer stand that Andy West and I bought back when living in Ithaca for our first HP LaserJet 1200N printer (wow that has been a long time now) is now where that desk used to be and is holding our all-in-one printer and scanner unit.  That works well.  It fits attractively into the corner and makes the room look great and work really easily.

There is so much cleaning and house repair stuff to do over the next four days – we are going to be exhausted just from that.

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