October 17, 2011: Andy Phelps Comes to America

Medifast Status: Day 168, Down ~63lbs

Today is the big day, Andy comes to America.  I ended up working from home today which was good because it made it far easier to deal with getting to and from the airport and Dominica was far less stressed because I was around to help out with the cleaning and the kids.  Although I was pretty busy today and the house was effectively as clean as it was likely to get.  By the time that I called it a day and headed for DFW airport the house was looking pretty good, I think.

We had wanted to have a chance to paint the house before Andy came to visit and Dominica even went so far as to get paint.  It just didn’t happen.  So that is disappointing.  We still have big patches on the walls from the construction months ago (that still is not finished.)  Painting is coming up soon as the next big project.  Getting the kitchen finished being painted and getting the main hallway painted would do a lot.  We want to paint the bar but we expect to be doing so much construction there in the near future that it is unrealistic to do the painting now just before we ruin everything.

So late in the afternoon I took the Mazda and drove over to DFW to get Andy.  We did not exactly do an awesome job at coordinating and it turned out that neither of us had the other one’s phone number.  So it took us a while to find each other.  It was extra tough since traffic at the airport was horrible and it took him a really long time to get through customs.

Once Andy and I made contact we drove back up to the house so that he could unload from his flight and freshen up.  He had been traveling all day.  He did have a direct flight from London, at least, so just over ten hours to get to Dallas.  This is his first time traveling to the United States and his first time traveling outside of the United Kingdom since he was a kid.  So quite an adventure for him.

After having a little bit of time at the house and getting to meet Dominica and the girls we drove down to Irving to go to Rockfish for dinner.  Brian Watson (aka Texkonc) met us at Rockfish as well.  This is the first that we have seen Watson in several weeks and he has really lost weight – especially in his face.  He really looks different.  He is down around thirty five pounds at this point.

By the end of dinner Andy’s adrenaline was beginning to wear off and he was suddenly extremely tired.  It was well after midnight for his internal clock when we left the restaurant.  Something like the equivalent of being two or three in the morning back in London.

The busy stretch has begun.  Tomorrow is SpiceCorps and then Wednesday is SpiceWorld down in Austin.  I have a lot of traveling and crazy scheduling to do coming up.  And my big homework project has to be in before I leave for SpiceWorld.  It is going to be a crazy couple of weeks.

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