October 18, 2011: The New SpiceCorps DFW

Medifast Status: Day 169, Down ~63lbs

I was in the office this morning.  Dominica and Andy tried to come up with “touristy” things to do in Dallas during the day as this is really Andy’s only chance to see Dallas and North Texas but they were not able to come up with anything that they wanted to do so they just hung out at the house all morning.  Pretty boring.  This is Andy’s first day in America and he spends it at the house.

For lunch Dominica, Andy and the girls came down to the office and picked me up and we went over to La Cima for lunch.  Lunch was fine.  It took a while for us to eat today.  We were in the dining room but did the buffet.

After lunch I looked at the club calendar and realized that the SpiceCorps event for tonight was not on the schedule.  I’ve had the space booked for weeks and as I was holding the SpiceCorps group at La Cima on behalf of La Cima’s Young Executives group who had asked us to find ways to bring in professionals who might be interested in club membership I figured that they would be going out of their way to ensure that everything went off smoothly and that people were on hand to provide membership information or whatever was needed.

It turns out that my event for tonight was “overlooked.”  The private event coordinator said that she had known about it but… there was no explanation as to why it was cancelled.  The party that had the main room appears to have decided that they wanted that room and so we were bumped.  Not good.  And not only that, but after I helped to arrange an event for La Cima, they have the gall to tell me that I had arranged the event through the wrong person!  I arranged it through the person who asked me to arrange it.  It is not my problem if they are not able to cover their tracks well when double booking a venue.  Totally unprofessional.  I spent over an hour at the club after lunch was done just trying to get this sorted out.

I got back to the office and Dominica and Andy went for a drive through Dallas so that Andy could at least get a chance to see the city while he was here.  It is America’s fourth largest metro area, after all, so it has to be somewhat interesting.  So he did some picture taking from the car.

I was only at the office for a little bit when the manager from La Cima called and we spent about an hour and a half on the phone arguing.  So much time was spent trying to explain why I was disappointed with La Cima’s changes, behaviour, professionalism, venue and abhorrent treatment of existing members in favour of theoretical new members that I did not even have enough time to make it up to the house, pick up Andy and get back down to La Cima for the SpiceCorps event.

I ran up, grabbed Andy as quickly as I could and rushed down to La Cima.  We were only about fifteen minutes late but the SpiceCorps was already in full swing.  Of course, causing me to be late on the day that they had screwed up the venue and had decided that they would rather have me leave than treat me equally to other members (long story.)  Basically their picking and choosing of pricing and favours is more important to them than loyalty.  I was completely disgusted and told the manager that I would leave the decision to him – if he wanted me to stay then all he had to do was do the right thing and treat existing members as equals to new or potential members.  He refused and said he’d rather have us leave than do that.

So I was livid while at SpiceCorps.  At an event where La Cima was supposed to be putting their best foot forward they ended up looking like incompetent idiots with absolutely zero concept of customer service (never screw your existing customers in the hopes of attracting more customers.)  La Cima seems to operate under cheating spouse concept forgetting that no one wants to date someone who is cheating because once they leave their spouse for you they will start cheating on your too.  That’s hose Club Corp treats their members under their current Young Executive pricing scheme.  The members they don’t have mean more to them than the members that they do have.  I guess they truly believe that the grass is greener elsewhere.

The SpiceCorps group itself went really well.  We had thirty people show up which is great for the DFW group but did not manage to break any general records.  We had a large number of “celebrity” appearances from the SpiceWorks community – more than any other group ever.  We had a good time and several of us will be seeing each other tomorrow at SpiceWorld down in Austin.

We had a huge group for about two and a half hours.  Then our numbers dwindled down and we had maybe eight people who hung out until quite late.  The lounge at La Cima would be perfect for this type of thing if it were not for the horrible echo that you get in there so we were struggling to talk to each other at all.  That is why we had needed the private room.  Once we were down to a small group and able to move into the corner it was not so bad.

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