October 2, 2011: Day Two of Homework

Medifast Status: Day 153, Down ~60.5lbs

Day two dedicated to doing homework.  I’m getting really tired of these projects.  Today went well, though, and I was able to wrap up my homework by late afternoon – a bit before Dominica and the girls managed to return from Houston.  I really have nothing to tell about today.  The weather was nice and I have the windows open.  The house is looking great with all of the cleaning that I have been doing.

I am relieved to have this week’s homework all done and submitted.  Tons more to do over the coming weeks, though.  So this is hardly the end.  I can’t wait to be done with school.  I’m hoping that I can accelerate the process a little this year and wrap it all up in 2012 but that seems like it is likely more ambitious that I can really do.  I really hope to not have to take any classes while we are in Europe but that might prove to be impossible.

The girls got home around seven and we spent the evening hanging out together and just relaxing.  It is good to have them home.  I don’t handle four days away from my children very well.

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