October 1, 2011: Homework Weekend Begins

Medifast Status: Day 152, Down ~60.5lbs

After getting in so late last night I decided to sleep in considerably today.  It was late morning when I finally got up.  Oreo appreciated the extra snuggle time.

Today begins my focus on doing homework all weekend.  There is a ton to do this weekend.  I have this whole weekend set aside for nothing else.

In addition to my homework I was able to get just tons and tons of housekeeping taken care of today.  There have been some spots on the floor that really needed to be worked on but I really cannot work on them when everyone is home because once they get wet they attract dirt like crazy until they are cleaned and with all of the traffic from the girls there is just no way to keep them clean so they just get dirty again and the effort is wasted.  I put in many hours cleaning the floors.

I got the whole house cleaned up quite significantly.  I started on Thursday evening and did some yesterday too, but today is my day completely at home and I was able to focus just on this and what a difference it makes – especially since I already got the big objects out of the way.  I got the entrance table completely cleaned, the bar against the living room and the wet bar too.  It has been months since these were clear.  The playroom was cleaned up and a lot of the kitchen.  I got Liesl’s room all picked up and did work in Luciana’s room.  We now have a lot more space in Luciana’s room between taking the desk out of there last week and me getting the file drawers out today.

The homework was a ton of effort but I made quite good progress today.  I’m not liking this class as much as it seems that we put in tons of time doing busy work and very little learning or doing anything useful like having in-depth class discussions.  We are not producing professionally written papers that I would be proud to share with anyone.  Mostly we produce silly stuff like bizarre high-school-like PowerPoint presentations.  I have no idea what the value of this is supposed to be.  I’m spending all of my time learning how to format presentations rather than learning the topic.  In the real world neither is the formatting of a PowerPoint so critical (academia is so lost on the minutia of formatting that it misses the whole reason of education) nor is it even relevant as typically your company would have a standard already set up for you.  In business the goal is to save time, in academia it is to waste time.

I worked all day.  I was very productive.  It was exhausting though.  Having work like this hanging over my head just makes me want to work on other things.  I struggle to stay focused when there is a bunch of work and a tight deadline looming.

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