October 4, 2011: Eight Year Anniversary

Medifast Status: Day 155, Down ~60.5lbs

It is hard to believe but as of today, Dominica and I have been married for eight years.  We’ve known each other for ten (and a few months.)  Money is tight these days, as is time, so we aren’t doing anything special for our anniversary.  Just going to have dinner at home and we will go out for dinner at La Cima tomorrow night.

I actually didn’t even remember that it was our anniversary (nor did I know what today’s date was, in my defense) until I was already in the office and Dominica said happy anniversary over instant messenger.

I went home at lunch and we just hung out for a little while.  Then back to the office but I left on the early side so that I could spend the evening at home with Dominica.  I ran over to Rockfish and picked up dinner, which took way too long, and then went home where we watched Star Trek: Voyager and relaxed.

Tomorrow night we are going out to dinner at La Cima for our anniversary dinner.

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