October 5, 2011: Anniversary Dinner at La Cima

Medifast Status: Day 156, Down ~60.5lbs

Nothing much to say about the day today.  I know that it is boring to hear about “went to work early, came home for lunch, returned to work.”  It has been a rather static week and I am a little bit behind on my posts so much of anything too interesting gets missed.

After work today I ran over to La Cima for the Cocktails & Connections that is hosted by the Young Executive Board.  We had nearly no one tonight.  It is supposed to run from five until seven, during happy hour, and for the last two weeks we had about ten people but tonight – only two.  Jenn was stuck at her sister’s bridal photo shoot and Tamara had another La Cima board meeting.  Where everyone else is I have no idea.  Dominica does not join because the girls would be pretty rambunctious being stuck there for that amount of time.  It was just Justin and I for nearly the entire time this evening and then his family arrived for dinner so he left but Lewis took over so we maintained a steady two people until dinner time.

By the time that we had dinner, when Dominica and the girls arrived, we ended up with Chris, Tamara and Jenn joining us so we were seven for dinner.  We had a good time.  This is turning into our regular La Cima crowd.

Dominica took the girls home and I drove Jenn home as she had gotten a ride from her photo shoot to speed her way to dinner.  We all got home and pretty much went straight on to bed as it was quite late at that point.

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