October 7, 2011: Ready for the Weekend.

Medifast Status: Day 158, Down ~63lbs

Dominica and I were up nice and early this morning.  Oreo was snuggled between our pillows.  He doesn’t do that often as it is not nearly as warm as actually snuggling with one of us but it sure is cute.  Oreo seems to be feeling a bit better overall, he is routinely wanting to play now if only for a few minutes.  He is sucking on his binkies again a little and the other day he actually jumped up with his front feet on my lap and barked at me to get me to play with him!  He has only done that maybe a dozen times ever!

Oreo is clearly getting much older, though.  He has no eyesight whatsoever and his hearing has deteriorated rapidly.  He is constantly getting lost in the house and we will find him in a corner behind a chair or behind the bar.  He can get stuck outside very easily.  We can’t call him anymore.  He hears us but has no idea from what direction our voices are coming and will often walk away rather than towards us.

I was in to the office a little after six thirty this morning.  Non-farm payroll is today so a busy morning for me.  The whole morning was pretty busy.  It finally slowed down a little around ten thirty so I walked to the corner for some coffee.  The walk takes probably forty minutes so it is some decent exercise.  It is overcast and coolish today so a pleasant day for a walk but with the inclines it still takes some effort.  There is a decent sized dip between the office and the cafe so it is uphill halfway in both directions.

I have been reading Paul Herrmann’s “The Age of Discovery” and am over halfway through it now.  I am learning a lot about the sixteenth century.  This is a part of history that I didn’t remember much of from school and, of course, they didn’t teach very much anyway.

I went home for lunch today and this evening was pretty busy.  I worked rather late and then went home and just hung out with the family.

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