October 6, 2011: Videos of Europe

Medifast Status: Day 157, Down ~63lbs

I got up early and went running this morning.  I’ve missed nearly a week so I am glad to be back into the routine.  My schedule makes it really hard for me to exercise consistently so I have to take it when I can get it.  I listened to some Prairie Home Companion on my run.  I am working on catching up on 2010 and still have all of 2011 to listen to yet.  I wonder how many people listen to PHC podcasts while exercising.  Probably not too many.

I went into Medifast this morning as I was feeling like today was a light day and I wanted to get weighed before I went to lunch.  I managed to get in at noon and my weigh in was pretty good, two and a half pounds lost in the last six days.  Not bad at all.  I wish that I could hold that as an average.  I would be in great shape if I was losing that all of the time.  They are happy with my progress.

From my Medifast meeting I ran back to the office where Dominica had been waiting for me for just a minute and I rode over to La Cima with her and we had lunch.  Today was our only chance to have lunch at La Cima this week.  Tilapia with an artichoke relish, roasted vegetables, picked veggies and mozzarella salad, etc.  It was pretty good.

After work I ran over to Fry’s to pick up a new UPS unit as the really good one that we have in the rack in the server room at home is having all kinds of issues and it is really impacting our ability to do anything in the house.  I found a decent APC 1000VA unit for just $90 with a $15 mail in rebate – so $75.  Not bad at all.  Hopefully this will fix some of our power issues.  At least fix them enough that we can have our ReadyNAS keep running and our VMWare vSphere server stay up.

I got home and Liesl was still fast asleep.  I talked to Dominica about some BlueRays of European travel that I had seen at Fry’s.  I should have called her from there to discuss buying them but it just didn’t occur to me.  We looked them up on Amazon and surprisingly on Amazon they were much more expensive on DVD than they were at Fry’s on BD.  So we decided that we needed them and since Liesl was still asleep and likely would be for a while yet I ran back out to Fry’s and picked up Visions of Europe.  It is a fifteen hour set of high definition tours of Europe all shot from helicopter.  It had some great reviews online.  A lot of people said that it was good even for use in classrooms to introduce kids to Europe.

The set that we got has two discs of Italy, one of France, one of Germany and one of Austria and a collection of great European cities.  We watched the first disc on Italy – the one showing northern and southern Italy.  It was pretty good.  We enjoyed it.  Very relaxing.  Maybe a bit too much.  The music is good and the imagery is great but it could be a whole lot more educational than it is.  As it is it is a little on the boring side while being very pretty.  We were disappointed that the disc on northern Italy spent nearly the entire thing in Tuscany and Umbria.  It basically skipped Lombardy and Piedmont, the areas that we wanted to see the most, showing nothing but two of the northern most lakes up on the Swiss border and nothing of the regions themselves.  There was some good footage at the beginning of Südtirol which we were happy to see.  But whole regions that we were really interested in were skipped like the Valle d’Aosta.

We watched some of the German video on Bavaria but stopped part way as we were all tired and needed to go to bed.  Tomorrow is the non-farm payroll announcement so I have to be up early and in to the office before seven.  Dominica has to run tomorrow so she has to be up a little earlier than I do to be able to get that in before I leave for work.

I got the new UPS hooked up tonight.  Hopefully it will work.  So far so good but the other one makes it for a day or two easily after first being plugged in before it starts to have problems so we will just have to wait and see.

This weekend is Columbus Day Weekend, so we have Monday off.  That is good, time to get some homework done.  My actual homework due this weekend is pretty light but I have a ton that is due next week.

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