September 30, 2011: Pete’s Dueling Pianos

Medifast Status: Day 151, Down ~60.5lbs

Oreo slept the entire night right by my side with his head on the corner of my pillow.

I got up this morning and got the trash all taken out and without Dominica home to remind me.  She would be very proud of me.  I had to hop on and do a tiny bit of work online before leaving the house too.  Oreo was still fast asleep when I left.  One handy thing of him getting older is that he sleeps from around ten in the evening until one in the afternoon – no need to take him out at all in between those times.  So I can get up, get ready for work, go into the office and come home at lunch and he is still sleeping away.  I can even clean for a while before getting him up and he is surprised to find me there.

I had my Medifast meeting today.  I lost hardly anything this week but I had them do my body mass test while I was there.  A few weeks ago there was a concern that I was consuming muscle mass instead of just fast to lose weight.  It was only two pounds over a period of many months so hardly cause for serious concern but we needed to keep an eye on it.  So today we did the test again after I have been exercising more and we were very happy to discover that I have put on twelve pounds of muscle in the past three weeks!  That is ten pounds positive muscle increase since I first started on Medifast.  That means that effectively I have lost ten more pounds than my scales show since I converted ten pounds of fat into muscle.  A major win.

After work I came home.  It was a late evening.  Tonight is Jenn’s birthday party so I was going to come up, change and then head out after just a little bit to meet up with everyone out in Addison.  It was pretty late because there was so much work to do and then when I got home I showered and changed and was just heading back out of the door when the phone rang and they needed me to get back to work for the office.

So I was stuck on the phone for over an hour.  It was a pointless call too with no one on the call willing or able to even explain why I was needed or what was going on.  How annoying.  It is not like I try to go out very often.  Eventually I was able to get someone who was actually working at the time to take over for me and I ran out the door to meet up with everyone.  I was about an hour late by the time that it was all said and done.

I met up with everyone.  They had gone out for fondue prior to going to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar.  Jenn, Chris, Mike and Tamara were there when I arrived.  We had a really good time.  Pete’s is a lot of fun and it was a very nice change of pace.

After Pete’s Jenn, Chris and I went to IHOP for a late dinner, or more likely an early breakfast.  It was after five in the morning when I finally got home!  It is a good thing that I had gone and taken care of Oreo before I went out for the evening.


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