November 10, 2011: Dinner at Brookhaven

Medifast Status: Day 192, Down ~67.5lbs

Normal work day for me.  This evening, after being impressed with the overall feel from Brookhaven, Dominica and I decided that we would go over there on our La Cima membership and have dinner so that Dominica could get a feel for what the place is like when they are not doing a special event.  So we just went over for dinner. Normal, Thursday night dinner in The Grille at Brookhaven.  We figured that this would give us a good idea of what membership would actually be like.

It turned out that tonight is the very last night of the old menu at Brookhaven.  This is the menu that I’ve seen since I first started coming to Brookhaven.  So Dominica only just barely got a chance to see it and the new menu rolls out tomorrow at lunch.

We enjoyed our dinner and got a small tour of a bit of the complex.  Dominica got to see the pools, The Grille, the outdoor seating and firepits and that sort of thing.  We are pretty confident that we want to join at Brookhaven.  Our membership at La Cima expires in one week so we need to decide fairly quickly to keep our ClubCorp membership from lapsing.

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