November 11, 2011: Seventy Pounds

Medifast Status: Day 193, Down ~70lbs

Today was my major weight loss day.  I weighed in throughout the day and kept losing every time that I would weigh again.  It was awesome.  Not only was today my big drop day but it was also my check in with MediFast so I got official credit for my lowest weigh in as well.

I went to my MediFast appointment in the early afternoon and weight in a full, even seventy pounds down from my starting weight at MediFast (then there are the extra six pounds that I lost before starting – so seventy six is my total number.)  I feel much better about my diet now.

I spoke with Brookhaven from the office and set up an appointment to go over there and get an official tour, more information and discuss membership.  So I left work as soon as I was able, ran home and picked up the family and ran to Brookhaven.  Liesl was worn out and already asleep when we got there so she napped on a sofa in the main Brookhaven building for a while.

After looking at the plans and facilities we decided to give Brookhaven a try.  Dominica is pretty happy to be keeping our country club membership.  We use it extensively and we are hoping that by being here rather than father away at La Cima that we will be able to get much more out of our membership than we were previously.

It was late and we were tired once we signed all of the paperwork so we decided to just have dinner at Brookhaven.  Our third day in a raw and for those of us who only eat one meal a day that is quite a feat.  Tonight is the first dinner on the new menu so we were among the very first to get to try it out.

Dinner was excellent.  I had their Classic Cobb salad to which I have a feeling that I am going to become quickly addicted.  Dominica decided to get it as well.  It comes with chicken but we just substitute grilled salmon and have the bacon removed.  It is delicious.

At the end of the day we feel pretty good about our decision to join Brookhaven.  We are “One” members so we get some pretty extensive benefits – much nicer than the “Plus” benefits that we were getting at La Cima.

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