November 12, 2011: Getting Sick of My Degree

Medifast Status: Day 194, Down ~70lbs

Sadly my weekend is spent doing homework rather than relaxing.  This is the final weekend of my class at RIT and the final term paper is due tomorrow.  This is the term paper that has been such a nightmare for the class – even though the paper itself was trivial to produce.  This is what I hate about college, you put in all the effort of making something good and useful and instead create something awful and pointless.  It trains you to be bad at things and to expend way too much effort in doing so.  At least eighty percent of the effort and stress in this class is caused by class issues and cheating students.  There was no material to learn and the content of the class was nonexistent.  There was no reason whatsoever for the class to be challenging in any way.  And yet it was overly stressful.  I am so not happy.

So the bulk of this weekend was spent working on the term paper.  I had to do quite a bit of work on my section, help out the other team member and then completely, totally do every single word of the project for the other team member.  I have now, at the last assignment of the semester, written every group project word that she has turned in for the semester.  Every single thing.  This is why I hate group projects in university.  It is a game of academic chicken – the person with the most to lose will lose every time.

I spent a bit of time on the phone with my professor complaining that she set up the class to hide cheating and to be as distant from reflecting real world work as possible.  I am living with how RIT has allowed this class to exist and this is not the first class like this that I have had there.  RIT is so completely amateur compared even to community college.  It’s the most pathetic educational experience I have ever encountered.  It quite literally is like having to go through high school again but with worse teachers, worse students and far more cheating.

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