November 16, 2011: Last Night at La Cima

Medifast Status: Day 198, Down ~70lbs

Today is our final day as La Cima members.  It has been a year and a half and La Cima has been a major component of our life here in Texas.  We have been members here nearly since arriving in Texas.  We joined long before buying our first house here.  We’ve eaten more meals at La Cima than anywhere else in Texas.

We went up for pasta night tonight.  It is fitting that our last meal with be pasta night with friend because that is how it all started.  Brian Watson, who is also no longer a member at the club, had taken Souder, Tara and I to La Cima for pasta night back around April of 2010 or somewhere around there.  We thought that it was great.  I brought Dominica back and she decided right away that she wanted to join.  We have used the club more and more since then.  Liesl loves it and we really appreciated the opportunity for her to grow up in a place like this.

Tonight it was Jen and Tamara joining Dominica, Liesl, Luciana and I for pasta night dinner.  Dominica and I could obviously not do pasta tonight but it worked out as we had one of our Plus meals left to use anyway.

Dinner was good.  It is not like we will not be returning to La Cima.  We just are no longer local members at La Cima.  With our membership at Brookhaven we have associate membership at La Cima so we are still able to come back here anytime that we want and, in fact, we get a buy one, get one meal each month that we need to use either at La Cima, The Tower Club or Park City Club.  Even if we do a rotation we will be using that meal quarterly at La Cima.  Likely we will be there a lot more often than that just because we are comfortable there and they are used to our dietary requirements.  Park City is way more fancy than we would want to do with kids (jacket required) and the Tower Club, while really easy to do as adults via train, is a bit more of an effort when you have the kids.  I’m sure that we will use the Tower a bit, especially as we get used to using the train to get there and as the girls get older, but Park City will be a special occasion kind of place.

After dinner Dominica and the girls drove back home.  We had driven separately so I walked Jen to her car in the garage and we talked for a while.  Then on my way over to my car I ran into a bunch of the La Cima crew hanging out in the garage and I hung out with them for a while too.

Home and off to bed.

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