November 17, 2011: Nearly 200

Medifast Status: Day 199, Down ~70lbs

Nearly two hundred days on MediFast.  Hard to believe.  In some ways it feels like I have just started but in others it has come to feel like a lifestyle and I barely think about it anymore.  Maybe that is why I have stalled so much.  I really need to redouble my efforts and focus on tracking exactly what I eat and when and keeping strictly to the plan.  I really want to drop the last thirtyish pounds and get into the maintenance phases rather than the loss phases.  Dominica is doing really well still as well as she has hit the forty pound loss mark now too.

I went into work today, nothing really special about the day.  In the office like usual.  Grabbed a quick drink at Red Rock on the way home.  Came home and hung out with the family for a while.

Dominica wanted to get some shopping in this evening so later on after the girls had gone to bed I stayed home and worked and Dominica ran out to Walmart for a little bit.

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