November 2, 2011: Back to Normal

Medifast Status: Day 184, Down ~67.5lbs

The house is very quiet today.  Everyone is gone.  We are back to just our family again.  It is great having the house with so much done.  We have the windows open now – there are windows that we can open all over the house.  Both sliding doors can be opened.  A window in the play room.  Most importantly – the window in our bedroom.  Having no cross-ventilation for the entire first year of owning this house was a killer.

Having ceiling fans and working lights all over the house makes a huge difference too.  Things are greatly improved.  We are really feeling like we can live in this house now and that the money is not just pouring out the windows.  We are really looking forward to Art coming back next year and putting in another week of working on the house.

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