November 1, 2011: Dominica Returns, Ralstons Leave

Medifast Status: Day 183, Down ~67.5lbs

I worked from home today as today is the last day with the Ralstons in Texas and Dominica and the girls return from Houston this morning.  Today was the “clean up” stuff from everything that Art has been working on.  The big items getting done today are the televisions going up on the walls.

The television in the playroom is up on the wall.  That’s awesome.  It looks much nicer already.  Sometime soon Dominica and I need to deal with getting some shelves and mounting them to the wall beneath the television so that we can get the old television stand out of the room entirely.  That’s when the huge improvement will come.  We really need space in there.

Art also got the big television in our bedroom mounted up on the wall.  That looks really nice too.  Where it was before was not so bad as we plan to keep the television stand that is located there even now that the television is not on it but the television was too low and we could not see it from our bed because the back of the couch was in the way.  Now that the television stand is free of the television itself we were able to put the receiver up there and the speakers.  Hardly an amazing setup but it looks nice and should be really usable.

We did a search for speaker wires so that we could get the stereo actually up and running but failed to locate any.  So the television looks great but makes no sound for the time being.

The Ralstons hung out tonight until quite late.  They attempted to take the theatre furniture with them but after getting most of it into their rented van they decided that it just was not going to fit so it was all unloaded and brought back into the house.  Too bad, it almost managed to make it away.

It was after ten when they hit the road to see how far that they could drive tonight.  They are going to have a very long trip.

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