November 20, 2011: The Grices Come to Dallas

Medifast Status: Day 202, Down ~70lbs

I slept in some this morning but once I was up it was time to get in the car and drive back up to our house.  Francesca, last night, decided that she did not want to get left behind to drive up after us so she had packed late at night and was up and ready to leave at the same time as us.  We was mid-morning when we all got on to the road.

Gas is so cheap this weekend.  Prices have been falling all week and today I saw gas as low as $2.89 per gallon.  We heard that New Mexico was at $2.85 a few days ago but we cannot be too far behind.  So many people kept saying that we would see four or five dollars this summer.  Instead gas is decently affordable again.  We are way down from where it was just a few months ago.

For dinner this evening I ran out and picked up Panda Express for everyone.  We have been getting everyone turned on to Panda Express ever since Souder and I discovered it earlier in the year.  We love having three of them so close to us.  We can always easily get to one and the prices are not too bad.  The honey walnut shrimp and the golden treasure shrimp are both really awesome and we can get healthy steamed vegetables as our main side which works out perfectly.

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