November 19, 2011: Sibling Thanksgiving

Medifast Status: Day 201, Down ~70lbs

After getting in quite late last night and Luciana having a really rough time getting to sleep I had to get up at six thirty this morning with only two or three hours of sleep so that I could take Madeline to work at the food bank for some community service for national honor society.  Boy was that an early morning.

The community service wasn’t bad.  We just helped bag and hand out food at a United Way food pantry type thing.  People lined up and for three hours we handed out produce for Thanksgiving dinners.  The weather was nice and we were back to the house by ten in the morning so very little of the day was actually spent doing that since we were up so early for it.

Once back to the house I worked on doing some baking.  I had to make one apple pie and the crusts for two more pies for which Francesca was making the filling.  This time we have the pastry cloth and rolling pin cover that we were missing last week and that made a huge difference.  The crusts came out just beautiful!  I also made the filling myself this time and put in the butter that we figured out that Dominica had forgotten on the pie that we made together last week.  I’m sure that the pie will taste a whole lot better with the butter in the filling.  Although it tasted good and was way healthier the way that we did it last week.

The final pies turned out beautifully.  I’m very proud of having been able to make a real pie again after all of these years.

We didn’t have much time with the community service this morning and the pies and other baking and cooking to do this afternoon before it was time to head over to the Toccos’ where we are having the family Thanksgiving dinner.  All of the food was really good.  I’m really not much of a fan of Tofurkey.  I need to ask Dominica if we can just forgo that next year and do something else instead.  I don’t like real turkey so having fake turkey doesn’t improve it any.  I’d prefer just about any protein source to fake turkey.  And they don’t fake the good, dark, juicy turkey meat but the hard, dry tasteless bits.  Why, I have no idea.

Overall we were not that faithful to our diets for Thanksgiving but we did better than we might have and are pretty proud of ourselves.  There was just way too much awesome food to eat and Thanksgiving, of all holidays, is all about the starches and carbs.  The apple pie really did turn out well.  It got good reviews.

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