November 22, 2011: Kids Night at Brookhaven

Medifast Status: Day 204, Down ~70lbs

I did make it in to the office today although it was on the last side.  Busyness spilling over from yesterday.

This evening I got home and we packed up the Grice and Miller families and we went to Brookhaven for kids night.  On kids night for each adult that eats one kid eats free from the kids buffet which is pretty nice with chicken fingers (no good for us but good for the Grice kids), cheese pizza, french fries, fruit, vegetables, cookies, cupcakes, etc.  It is very nice and there is a low table so that the kids can easily reach the food.

What is really amazing is that with nine adults and six kids and Dominica ordering a really expensive dinner that the total for our dinner, including tax and gratuity, came to only fifty dollars and change!  That is insanely cheap for all of us to eat anywhere let alone at the country club.  It is so cheap to eat at Brookhaven that we really cannot justify going anywhere else.  Had Dominica ordered the same level of food as Francesca and I it would have been likely more like forty three dollars.  We can’t feed all of these people anywhere for that kind of price.

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