November 23, 2011: Date Night #2

Medifast Status: Day 205, Down ~70lbs

The last real day of work for the week.  I love holiday weeks.  Things were pretty slow all day today as everyone begins slowing down for the long, extended weekend.  There were some amount of deployments that needed to be done tonight just because a lot of people were treating this as a Friday even though it is Wednesday but not very many.  I was actually able to get all of the deployments done very quickly after four o’clock and by a quarter to five I was able to get out of the office and escape!

We have Francesca watching the girls tonight so Dominica and I are escaping to get some quiet alone time.  It is very, very rare for us to be able to get away from the kids, even just for a few hours.

From work I ran over to the Comfort Suites where we have a jacuzzi room for the evening.  I got us checked in and checked out the room.  Then from there I ran up to Addison to pick up dinner at Norma’s for the family.  They had called in the order before I went up there so I just needed to stop in and pick it up.  Very fast.  Although after getting dinner at the club last night it is really noticeable that it is cheaper for us to eat at Brookhaven than it is for us to eat at the diner by several dollars.  That is pretty crazy.

I got home and dropped off dinner.  Then we spent some time with the kids although Liesl and Luciana are perfectly happy hanging out with their cousins and Aunt Francesca.  They won’t care if we are home or not.

We left around a quarter to eight, once the evening with the kids was mostly over, to go get away for the evening.

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