October 22, 2011: Day After SpiceWorld

Medifast Status: Day 173, Down ~63lbs

SpiceWorld 2011 is all over. Today is the straggler’s day after stuff.  Most everyone slept in a bit.  Katie and I got packed up and out of the hotel on the late side.  I had been hoping to be on my way to Dallas long before we were actually able to leave but this is the only really good time to hang out with everyone at SpiceWorld so it is what it is.

We ran down to the south side of the city, grabbed Paul and came back up to Denny’s.  Everyone was already there waiting for us.  We had nine of us for breakfast at Denny’s.  A good turnout for the day after.  We are getting a few more each year.  Next year I expect that we will have a dozen or more.  We have a core group of people who, as they get used to the conference, figure out that coming early, doing the extra events and staying an extra day at the end make all of the difference.

It was a nice “breakfast”, just coffee for me, of course.  We hung out until mid-afternoon when many people needed to get to the airport.  Katie and I drove Paul and Grey to Austin’s airport.  When we got there Rob and Steve came out to say “goodbye” to us before everyone departed.  You know that you know a lot of people in Austin when you run into people you know just by pulling up at the airport!

Once we dropped everyone off we got gas across the street, picked up some bottled water and drove north to Dallas.

It was pretty late, probably around seven when we finally got in to the DFW.  At some point PSX actually passed us on the highway or saw us somewhere.

It was great to get home.  I had to run into the office and work for an hour or two on that work that was pushed off from yesterday.  That wasn’t bad.  I got to see the girls before they went to bed.  I’ve really missed them.  I hate being away from the kids.  It really sucks that Dominica was not able to go to the conference with us this year.  But it would have been really tough her being in the hotel room with the girls and really not able to go anywhere or do anything.  Yes I would have been in the hotel a bit, as it turned out, but still the kids would have been itching to be home.  It would likely have been really frustrating.

We just stayed in tonight.  Got the kids off to bed, caught up with work and hung out.  Katie leaves to return to New York tomorrow afternoon so this is the only time for she and Dominica to see each other before she returns.  The Ralstons are scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning as well.  They have been on the road all day today in a minivan loaded with our stuff coming from New York.

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