October 23, 2011: The Ralstons Arrive

Medifast Status: Day 174, Down ~64lbs

By some miracle I actually managed to lose a pound while I was at SpiceWorld!  I thought that for sure I would put on a pound or two or at the very least not lose anything.  I did try hard to remain true to my diet but I did end up having two slices of pizza over the last four days and I took a break from my alcohol prohibition as there is no way to enjoy SpiceWorld without having a few drinks, no matter what Darren claims.

Everyone slept in this morning as much as we could.  We are all exhausted.  It has been a long week.  It is great to be back at home with my kids though.  Boy do I miss them when I am gone or when they are in Houston.

The Ralstons got stuck in a pretty big storm last night and so decided to stop driving and spend the night in Arkansas rather than pushing on during the storm when they were so tired.  So instead of arriving early this morning they ended up arriving early in the afternoon.

We only had a tiny bit of time to visit and for them to relax before we had to unload the minivan.  Now our house is full of “stuff in bins” once again.  What a pain that is.  But slowly dad’s place is getting emptied out.  I’m sure that he is very happy to have this large load out of there.  That must have made a dent, at the very least.

The minivan unloaded quickly and Danielle and Katie got a little time to visit as they talk to each other all of the time but have never met in person before.  Then it was time to get Katie to the airport so that she can fly back to New York.  We decided to coordinate dropping off the rental minivan with Katie departing so that it would all be done in a single trip, hence the rapid unloading procedure.

I dropped off Katie and then picked up Dominica and Danielle who had driving the minivan and then it was back to the house.  We spent the evening mostly just relaxing and visiting.  We haven’t seen the Ralstons in several months.

For dinner we decided to venture into the world of fast food and get take out from Panda Express.  Not exactly on our Medifast plan but when done correctly it really is not too bad.  We can, instead of rice or chow mein, get steamed vegetables as the primary dish and get shrimp for the “meat” which is decently healthy.  It’s cheating, but not bad cheating.

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