October 26, 2011: Taking the Ralstons to La Cima

Medifast Status: Day 177, Down ~65lbs

Finally down another pound!

I was in the office today.  Lots of work going on at the house while I am gone during the day.

This evening Dominica, the girls and the Ralstons drove down to La Cima so that we could all do dinner there.  Tonight is Pasta Night which is a nice time to go.  They actually got there a bit before me.  Getting out of the office on time is just a pipe dream.  Even on the best of occasions it doesn’t work out very well.

Dinner was nice.  We are on our home stretch with La Cima.  We put in our thirty day notice eight days ago so we have just three weeks left as members there.  We are pretty upset and just don’t find it to be the kind of place where we want to spend all of our time anymore.  It is very sad as this has been our “home away from home” for about a year and a half and we were really intending to remain here for a very long time to come.

It was a very quiet night at the club.  None of our normal Wednesday night crew was able to make it tonight so it was the perfect time to come with the Ralstons.   Dominica and I still had a meal to use too and this was our last real opportunity in October to use it.

After dinner it was back to the house and off to bed.

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