October 27, 2011: Big House Work Day

Medifast Status: Day 178, Down ~65lbs

Today was one of the big ones for the house.  Art got the attic put together which includes a new floor, shelves, lights and the ladder being fixed.  What a huge change that is for our house.  Suddenly the attic is usable.  We can climb up there and walk around without risk of falling through the floor.

Being able to use the attic is going to make the garage usable too.  Art reorganized the garage today and moved a ton of stuff up to the attic too.  So the new attic shelves are already quite a bit in use.  There is just tons and tons of storage space up there now, though, so we are really excited to get to start taking anything and everything up there to get it out of the way.  The house and the garage are so full of boxes and all kinds of crazy stuff that we have been unable to move.

Now the big project is going to be moving everything up to the attic and getting everything sorted up there.  Mostly it is a huge collection of empty boxes.  We like to keep boxes but they pile up quickly.  We move so often that it makes sense to always have them, though.

While he was working on the attic, Art was also able to put down some of the extra insulation that we still have so the house should stay a bit warmer (or cooler) too.  The area over my office was completely uninsulated following the cessation of office construction so that has been killing me in there over the summer.  Plus the attic stairs have been fixed so now the attic is not wide open to the uninsulated garage.  Just the attic work alone will dramatically change the heating and cooling coefficients of the house.

Dominica and Danielle went out and did some dress shopping today so that Dominica is ready for the Charity Classic event at La Cima that we are attending next week.

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