October 30, 2011: Weight Loss Again

Medifast Status: Day 181, Down ~67.5lbs

I had a huge drop in weight today.  This week has been great for my diet.  Having two one pound loss days and one pound and a half day is awesome.  I feel like maybe I am getting back on track to some degree.  Being this far along allows for an awful lot of stalling.

We didn’t know what day was going to be Halloween Trick or Treating around Carrollton so we bought candy last night and had it ready for tonight as well.  No kids came, however.  So it must be tomorrow night, the same as it is in Houston.  Dominica and the girls are staying in Houston until Tuesday morning so that they can trick or treat tomorrow night.  She is barely getting to see the Ralstons from how long she is gone.

I did a bit of homework today.  I can’t wait until this class is over.  This is, by far, the worst class that I have taken at RIT yet.

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