October 31, 2011: Happy Halloween

Medifast Status: Day 182, Down ~67.5lbs

Happy Halloween everyone.  Today would have been my grandmother’s birthday.  She will long have her birthday remember because she was born on a non-floating holiday.  I’m as likely to remember her birthday as I am to remember my own.

I was in the office during the day today and Art continued working on the house.  It is really coming along.  At this point we are down to mostly just the “little” stuff that is lingering until the end.  We went out and tried to get the windows so that we could take out the wall behind the bar and put in a huge window instead but no one in the area carried anything like what we needed so we were out of luck there.  We also tried to get a new front door but they were all so expensive and I really do not want to be picking out a front door without Dominica there to help in making the decision.  It is too much money for something that she might not be happy with.

So the decision was to instead rip out the atrium which we also really needed to have done.  The floor in there is rotted and dangerous and we cannot allow Liesl to go out there to play because of it.  So there is no point in it even existing in its current state. Once the old wood is all gone then maybe we can begin working on a plan to get the ground raked and then bring in the sand and gravel and make a solid floor so that we can really start to do something with it.

This evening was the trick or treating.  We got very few visitors but we did have a few.  Our neighbourhood is not loaded with kids and is not well lit which does not make for the best area for candy begging.

Dominica said that Liesl had a really good time in Houston.  She loved trick or treating last year and that was when she was not yet two years old!  Now that she is nearly three she is really big enough to be able to do it effectively.  This year she was dressed up as a 1960s dancer as were all of her cousins with Garrett dressed as John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.  Everything went well until someone jumped out and really, really scared Garrett and Liesl and they did not want to trick or treat anymore.  Hopefully that does not leave a sour taste for next year.

The family will be coming back home tomorrow.  The Ralstons decided that they are going to leave tomorrow night, late, as mostly everything is done and they need to get back to New York.  They are going to make an attempt at taking the theater furniture with them.  We will be very excited to get it out of the house.  We love it, we just do not have the space for it.  It does not work in this house at all and having it jammed into the play room is not making things any better in that tiny space.  On a normal day we need half of the seating capacity that we have in there and twice the play room.

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