December 10, 2011: Long Working Weekend

Medifast Status: Day 222, Down ~71lbs

Today was a mixture of work and watching How I Met Your Mother.  I am on call for the office this weekend and while there was not a ton of work there was a certain, steady amount.

There was some scheduled work for me to do today as well.  It was supposed to be handled by someone else but they didn’t manage to do it so I had to step in.  So instead of starting late, like around noon, and working into the evening like we are supposed to do on weekend I actually ended up needing to start at ten in the morning so it was actually a pretty long day for me.

We broke down and decided to get Panda Express for dinner this afternoon.  We have been crazing it.  So we gave in and I ran out and picked up our steamed vegetables, honey walnut shrimp and golden treasure shrimp.

Not much news for today.  It wasn’t a quiet day but very little happened of note.

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