December 9, 2011: Pre-Freeze Friday

Medifast Status: Day 221, Down ~71lbs

Today is one of my busiest days of the year.  I have been bracing for this all week.

I got up, showered and worked from home for about an hour before going in to the office at nine.  It wasn’t too bad this morning but that did not last for long. Work picked up as the day progressed.

John and I did manage to get away for lunch.  We drove out to Brookhaven for the lunch chef’s table.  It is Friday and they were doing a whole seafood lunch thing.  There was the salad station, some chipotle shrimp with noodles, tuna salad, crab cakes, fried mac and cheese, seafood chowder and a few other shrimp-themed entries.  It was quite delicious and I am very glad that I decided to come out to Brookhaven today.  And boy is it cheap.  Even for my guests it costs no more than going to Rockfish or someplace like that for lunch and they are quite reasonable as well.

After lunch the afternoon just took off into a frenzy of deployment preparations and then the deployments themselves.  What an exhausting day.  I got back from lunch at about two and worked until nearly nine in the office.  I have to work all weekend as well as technically the freeze does not kick in until Sunday afternoon and this just happens to be my weekend in the support rotation.  Lucky me.

I dragged myself home and helped Dominica to take care of the girls.  She was at her wits’ end from the girls driving her crazy all day without any break.  So I got home and helped to take care of them.

We are out of Medifast food, more or less.  We’ve been scraping the bottom of our food stores for the last week.  We are desperate for a restock of Medifast food.  We’ve been on an austerity budget and trying to buy as little food as possible which, at the moment, includes eating all of the Medifast meals that we don’t really like and, in many cases, skipping them altogether and just eating whatever is in the pantry.  At least we are doing a good job at cleaning out the cupboards but not having good Medifast food is making it increasingly difficult to stay on diet in any way as we are not getting the formulated protein that we need.

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