December 12, 2011: The Freeze Begins

Medifast Status: Day 224, Down ~71lbs

Ah, the freeze has started.  This is the best time of the year.  The financial industry’s present to its employees – nearly a month of hardly any work to do.

It is dark and dreary today.  But warm.  It doesn’t seem like it should be raining but I keep seeing things wet everywhere so I am guessing that there are bursts of rain when I am not looking.

I had my first Medifast appointment today in nearly three weeks.  I’ve been so busy that I just was unable to get in there.  That an my new trainer there kept insisting on trying to schedule me on days that were unlikely to work so once we started missing appointments we just kept missing them.  I don’t know why she felt it so necessary to get me off of the proven time period that has been working for most of a year.

I’m not down any weight by my weigh in was positive with my water and muscle weight up while my fat weight is down.  That means that at least I am continuing to tone up even if I am not slimming down.  I was able to buy more Medifast food today which was quite the relief as we have been without the food that we really like for quite some time now and that has been making the diet nearly impossible to stick to.

I came home at lunch today and hung out with the family for a while after my Medifast appointment.  Dominica and I were very happy to have our food again.  Even Liesl has been craving a Medifast Smores bar.

One of the best things about the freeze is that I pretty much never get caught late in the office.  I’m not out particularly early, but I am able to get out at a nice time rather than dealing with lingering and late coming requests well into the evening.  So I am able to reliably get home and put in some time with the family.

Unfortunately I had a lot of work to do this evening once I got home so we did not have much free time to do anything.  Both Dominica and I spent most of the evening working and got very little time to do anything together.

My paycheck finally arrived today.  It has been a month since I have seen one and the checks that I have seen have been small because of the furlough that has been draining us since September.  We’ve now made it through the furlough and through the “missed paycheck” after the furlough and should be getting full checks again on a regular basis.  So tomorrow I get to start paying the bills again.  Pheww.

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