December 13, 2011: Brookhaven and Santa Claus

Medifast Status: Day 225, Down ~71lbs

I got up at six this morning and put in a few hours working from home before going into the office.  Work was very slow again today.  And the weather was great too, warmish but overcast and drizzly.

Dominica decided that she wanted to girls to go in and see Santa Claus at Brookhaven tonight so we made reservations for tonight there.

I went home for lunch and watched the girls while Dominica went out for an appointment.  Luciana slept most of the time.  I got some work done as Liesl was in a quiet “play by herself” mood.  She would come in and check in with me in the office every few minutes but was having a great time just being on her own.  She is very good at playing by herself.

Liesl is starting to pretend to write words now.  A big developmental step.  She knows that words are made up of letters and she wants to be able to write things.

All afternoon work was very slow.  This is great.  I’m mentally catching up and don’t feel so overwhelmed.

I left work at a good time, got home and helped Dominica to get the girls ready so that we could load up and head on out the door.  Our dinner reservations were for a quarter till six which does not leave a lot of extra time.

Dinner this evening was not in the Grille but was in the main building in the Garden Room or something like that out in the back by the pools.  It was a good turnout this evening.  Dinner was great too.  For us on the menu was seared sole in a rockfish shrimp sauce that was really good.  There was also this cheese and potato stack that we totally should not have been eating but could not resist in any way.  My dad would have loved that.  There was a really good cheese selection tonight too including an excellent one loaded with cranberries.

Liesl ended up being really shy when she went up to see Santa Claus.  Luciana thought that it was all great fun. Liesl decided to not talk and to hide her face nearly the whole time although she was somewhat excited to see Santa Claus since she had seen him on her train ride in Grapevine a few weeks ago.

Liesl is doing incredibly well with her potty training.  This is two second full week of going out to dinner on a regular basis without a diaper.  She has not had a single accident and has used the restroom each time that we are out.  It will not be long before she is sleeping without a diaper on.

After dinner we came back home.  Luciana was in bed almost straight away and Liesl was not far behind.  Both Dominica and  I had a bit of work to do so we spent the evening today that.  No shows or video games at all for us tonight.  She worked primarily on Christmas shopping and I worked on the server that needed to be built.  I am hoping that I can get that server shipped tomorrow to get it out of the house.  It is in the way and making it hard to clean because it is in the way.

Once this server is out of here, my next order of business is going to be to get the other servers moved into the server room and racked, even if the power in there is no yet ready for them to be powered on quite yet.

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