December 15, 2011: Starting Yoga

икони цениMedifast Status: Day 227, Down ~71lbs

I got up this morning at six.  I got ready for work and then worked from home until around eight.  Then I hooked up the Wii Fit for the first time in three years, popped in the Wii Fit Plus software for the first time ever and got myself set up so that I can start using the Wii fitness software again.

I logged in and immediately the Wii Fit system told me that it had been a bit over one thousand days since the last time that I had used it.  One thousand days.  That is a bit weird to say.  I got weighed in and it took my BMI measurements.  I am way past the original goals that I had set on the Wii Fit back when we were still using it back before Liesl was born.  I’m not going to take the time to look it all up but it is my guess that we had the Wii Fit in use when we were living in Newark and that it was in the move to Peekskill when it was packed up and never used again.  Maybe we used it in Peekskill but I sure have no memory of it being used there.  I think that it might actually be that only the Ralstons have used it since we had the apartment at 1180 in Newark!  Now that is crazy.

It feels good to get using it again and to have it notice that I blew away my original weight loss and BMI improvement goals.  So I set new ones and set about doing a small amount of yoga today.  I plan to try to use the Wii Fit pretty seriously now to supplement my Medifast program.

Work was not too bad today.  Slow again, as expected.  I came home for lunch and just hung out with everyone.  Then back to the office.

I was in the mood to go out tonight and there is very little food in the house so once I got home we decided to just have dinner at Brookhaven.  So we packed up the kids and off to the club we went.

I was pretty sure that I was going to get the chicken fried lobster tail that is on the chef’s menu this week.  I’ve been wanting that all week.  But I ended up being good and getting non-fried, non-lobster food off of the chef’s table instead.

We got home and pretty quickly Luciana was off to sleep.  Dominica then left me with Liesl and went to Target to get some needed supplies, including new socks for me.  The moment she was gone Liesl decided that she didn’t want to watch her shows but just wanted to hang out with me.

Liesl and I made a camp in the living room by the fireplace.  We took out one of her new birthday books, a Richard Scary one, and I read to her for nearly an hour.  She made a big pile out of her blankets and we snuggled while I read to her laying on the floor.  Eventually Oreo came over and laid down on the blankets too up against me as if it was bed time.  Liesl had a really good time just hanging out.

I was in bed “early” tonight, well before midnight.

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