December 14, 2011: Liesl Is Beginnging To “Read”

Medifast Status: Day 226, Down ~71lbs

Dad sent me this awesome YouTube video of an a capella How Great Thou Art.

Today was again, warmer and rainier than the few previous days.  We are finally getting the water that we need here in North Texas to replenish the water table.  It has been a lot of slow, steady rain – which is exactly what we need.  We’ve been concerned that there would be bad flash flooding due to the extreme drought and the expected onslaught of returning rain.  But we have seen almost no heavy rain all season.

I got up at six and worked from home for a while this morning.  Almost three hours, actually.  I got that server all wrapped up, boxed and out to the car so that I can get it shipped out today.

It was a light rain as I drove in to the office.  It has been quite the wet week.  By afternoon it was really raining and this evening we actually had quite the downpour.  Good thing that the ground was already completely soaked.

Work is awesome and slow.  Yay.

I got the big server shipped off to Canada today.  In theory, if all goes well, it will be arriving in Toronto on Wednesday.

I came home for lunch and we actually ate lunch today rather than saving our meal for supper.  We watched a little of the third season of How I Met Your Mother.  Liesl hung out with me while I was home.

The afternoon as well was super slow.

I got home and we watched television for a little while, more of How I Met Your Mother.  We love that show.  Liesl decided that she wanted to spend the evening alone in our bedroom using our television to watch Barney.  She had a very quiet night.  It is funny that the television that we almost never use that is in our bedroom is actually the good one and the cheap, old one that we got when we moved and didn’t have our good one is the one that we have in the playroom for every day viewing.  I think at some point we are going to need to replace that if only out of principle.

Luciana stayed up pretty late, until after nine.  That is quite late for her as she is often in bed by eight.  I tried putting her down several times but she was not having any of that.  Very unusual for her.

After Luciana went to bed Dominica went out and ran errands while I stayed in and worked on fixing some OpenVPN issues and doing some documentation projects.  I keep myself busy.

I hung out with Liesl for a while too. Liesl was very good.  She watched a couple short episodes of Barney and then was a perfect angel as I got her ready for bed.  We read her usual bedtime stories and she drifted off to sleep without a single complaint.  Some days she is such a struggle and other days she is so pleasant it you can’t stand it.  You just never know what you are going to get.  She did get a lot of sleep yesterday so maybe that is a big part of it.



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