December 17, 2011: Quick Trip to Houston

Medifast Status: Day 228, Down ~72lbs

Oreo and I slept in a bit this morning but not nearly as much as we had hoped because I got paged out from the office.  It turned out to be a false alarm but it managed to wake me up just the same.  So much for sleeping in late.

I did more work cleaning the house and I located and packed up quite a bit of stuff that Dominica wanted to have down in Houston.  Luciana’s bouncer was the big item that needed to go down.  Luciana uses that quite a bit, as did Liesl when she was that age, and she needs to have it in Houston since they are there for so long since that is how she does her leg exercises.  Dominica also had several boxes for me to deliver.  A lot of our baby stuff that Luciana no longer needs (infant clothes, early baby bottles, extra burp clothes) are being shipped out to Jenn make in Philadelphia who is expecting soon.  This is the beginning of the “making space” that only happens once you are done having kids.  After Liesl everything just piled up because we were planning on having another but now we are able to start getting rid of the things that Luciana cannot use anymore.  It is sad to get rid of Liesl and Luciana’s old stuff but it is taking up space and we cannot get emotionally attached to every little thing – that would be overwhelming.

It is hard to give away a large amount of the toys and things that the girls enjoyed when they were younger.  Those items hold a lot of memories, but if we keep them the house will fill with them and they will just go into boxes and we will never see them again anyway.  Best to just get them off to someone who can use them now.

It ended up being one in the afternoon before Oreo and I finally got out of the house and onto the road.  The drive down went fine.  Traffic was not bad at all until I was on the south side of Houston approaching Galveston County.  Then things started backing up around Hobby Airport.

On my drive down I did some serious catching up on podcasts from IT Conversations.  I listened the entire way so that was nearly five hours of technology news and conferences that I managed to listen to.  Very good stuff.  I like getting time to just listen to my podcasts.  I get so much “mental broadening” from doing that but get very little opportunity to do it.

It was a little after six when I got to Francesca’s house.  We were there for just a little while before moving over to Joe’s house for the evening.  Dominica and the girls are staying over there for the month as there is a lot more space so that Liesl and Luciana each get their own rooms while Dominica’s parents will be staying at Francesca’s.

Dominica’s parents got in a little after seven and we all had dinner around eight.

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