December 18, 2011: Bennie’s 40th Birthday Party

Medifast Status: Day 229, Down ~72lbs

I got to sleep in just a little today, but not too much.  Dominica got up with Luciana and they headed over to Francesca’s pretty early so that Dominica could assist with the party preparations for Bennie’s 40th birthday party that is going on in San Leon today.

Liesl woke up just as Dominica left so there was no real sleeping in for me.  Liesl had me take her downstairs and then put on Barney for her.  Then it was time to send me on a hunt for her “chocolate milk” that she drinks every morning.  That took me a very long time, of course, since I had no idea where it was and no one at the Grices’ was answering their phones.  This is one of the issues with telephone communications now in the “cell phone only, no housephone” era – even with many phone lines going into the house there are still very regular occurrences where every single device is either dead, lost or inaudible and there is no way to reach anyone at all.  This reminds me why I am more than willing to maintain our housephone.  It keeps my house reachable and makes the availability of the phone a household responsibility instead of making the responsibility of being reachable the personal purview of each individual within the house.

Dominica came over to the Toccos’ around ten thirty and we had an hour and a half to get showered and dressed.  Then we loaded up the Acadia and drove a very packed car load down to San Leon, about forty minutes away, for Bennie’s birthday party at his dad’s house.

It was a good sized family party, lots of food. Lots of food that I should not have been eating.  That made it really hard.  Today was not a good diet day at all.

Liesl had a good time playing outside with all of the kids.  Unfortunately she had a run in with an agave cactus that cut her pinky and forehead.  That sent her inside rather unhappy.  And just before we went to leave she got her hand shut very painfully in a sliding glass door.  It was pretty had and we were definitely concerned about broken fingers but she came away okay but cried for a very long time.

It was nearly six by the time that we got back from the party so it was time to pack up the Mazda and drive Oreo and myself back up to Carrollton.

The drive was not bad.  I listened to another five hours of IT Conversations on the trip north.  Ten total hours in two days.  I am still very, very far behind in my queue.  I need to get out walking more often and listen to more podcasts.

It was about ten thirty when I got home.

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